Tailor made long-term rental manufacturing facilities​ for the biopharma industry

We specialize in the design-build of innovative biopharma manufacturing sites within our multi-tenant facility.

Completely self-contained manufacturing facilities w/GMP’s and shared common areas, for our partners to operate independently and more efficiently.

No CapEx and shorter lead times to product launch, saving you the complex, risky and costly process of remodeling, enlarging or building the facility yourself.

Advantages of Parque Pharma

Reliability: regulatory compliance and legal certainty.

Whether you need a facility to increase manufacturing capacity and/or product diversity), or simply for regulatory compliance purposes.

Turnkey facilities resulting in shorter lead times to product launch – all the up-front work is done​.

Cost effective – shared infrastructure leading to lower maintenance and operational costs (convert fixed costs into variable costs).

Improvement in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and facility utilization​.

~90% more space efficient and ~85% faster than building your own facility.

Facility Flexibility