Efficiency in traditional pharmaceutical plant design processes

Avoid the risks, long lead times, and high investment of the traditional process involved with building a plant and associated with the purchase of existing facilities.

Why is Parque Pharma a good option. 

Traditional Process
Record delivery times.
We guarantee regulatory facility compliance.
We do the investment and fully manage the project´s execution.
The lease begins upon project delivery.
Flexibility: being able to have a single line in 200 m2 inside a AAA industrial park.

* Avoid problems with the traditional design build process, which has not changed or been innovative in decades. Additionally, contract manufacturing carries high risks, making your business highly vulnerable. 

We are not a contractor, the investment we make in your facility makes us long-term allies, with aligned interests.

We offer financial flexibility so you can avoid investing in building a new plant.

One of the biggest barriers is the capital intensiveness necessary to build a new plant and endure the long payback period. It is an inefficient and risky use of capital, tied up for a very long term. 

We absorb the initial investment, the risks related to the project´s execution, and guarantee regulatory compliance. We are the only life sciences real estate platform in Mexico, capable of delivering customized modular plants, in record times that can range from 4 months depending on the scope. 


Free up your capital, we take care of the investment.​

5% per year 

Annual depreciation of a fixed asset, when rent is 100% deductible. 

The rent is fixed. 

Financial certainty, in a construction project the investment can vary by +30%.


Don’t get distracted by non-critical processes to your manufacturing and decrease your operating expenses through an efficient condominium model: 

24/7 surveillance and CCTV monitoring within the industrial park and the condominium. y dentro del condominio.


Maintenance of common areas.


Hydropneumatics installations.


Collection of common waste in external containers.


Room for special waste management.


Room for special waste management.


Tanks for the neutralization of process wastewater.


Measurement room with electrical meters.


Electric installation.


Pest control.

Proven concept with Cofepris + guarantees from Parque Pharma = Regulatory certainty.

We guarantee facility regulatory compliance.


Execution of simultaneous processes that compress delivery times, unlike linear processes as in traditional design and construction.
No need to start from scratch, no construction, only interior adaptations.
Avoid the opportunity cost of “lost sales” due to delayed start-up times.

Maximize Your Manufacturing Processes 

The plant is a valuable tool to solve a wide variety of use cases, from manufacturing to pure regulatory purposes.

Parque Pharma’s Real Estate Solution

Define User Requirements: We work with clients to support them in defining the scope of the project and conduct a visit to their current facilities.

Location Definition: The ideal location/city in Mexico for the project is defined based on the client's preference.

Commercial Proposal: We develop a tailored commercial proposal using financial engineering based on the project scope.

Architectural Proposal: We develop a conceptual proposal (layout) tailored to the project's user requirements.

Closing and Startup: Project startup.

Project Delivery: Turnkey delivery or certification (cGMP) delivery.